Victoria Surgical Consultants

Surgical Consultants is the Recognized Leader in Surgery in BC


For over 40 years, patients, physicians and their families seeking specialized care in complex surgical issues and treatments have relied on and trusted the expertise of Victoria’s Surgical Consultants.

Founded in 1965, when Drs. Stenstrom, Hosie, Mackay, and Ford joined their practices in Victoria, British Columbia, Surgical Consultants has grown to include 7 Specialist Surgeons practicing the full breadth of General Surgery. Throughout this time, our focus has been on maintaining a Patient Centered and Focused Approach,

where we strive to provide the highest quality of patient care, tempered by the individual needs of each of our patients and their families. It is this commitment and focus which has lead to the success of Surgical Consultants, and made us the first choice for Complex Surgical Care on Vancouver Island and beyond. In 2011, a General Surgeon is a Master Surgeon. A broad training ensures mastery of each of our surgeons in head and neck, breast, gastrointestinal, oncologic, endoscopy, bariatric and minimally invasive surgery.


Return Time after Surgery


(no lifting over 20 lbs for 6-8 weeks)


10 – 14 days


2 – 3 weeks


(open) – 3 weeks


(open) – 5-6 weeks  |  (lap) – 3 weeks


(open) – 8 weeks  |  (lap) –  3-4 weeks

When will my surgery be?

Depending on the urgency of your surgery, we try to book you in a timely manner. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, this is the best we can do.  We will contact you once we have a date. We try to provide at least 1 month advance notice.

“I haven’t had a bowel movement since my surgery, should I be worried?”


As long as you are not in any discomfort, this is normal. You should increase your fluid intake substantially and contact your family physician for advice if this continues to a point where you are uncomfortable.